Asian’s in American Politics

IMG_0278-1Race is a large determinant in American Politics however, Asians and Asian Americans seem to be left out. In the current electoral race (2016), we hear analyst speak of which candidates are getting the ‘White vote’, the ‘Black vote’, or the ‘Hispanic vote’ but we never hear which candidate gets the ‘Asian vote’. This is not a recent trend, it has been occurring since the day the constitution was written. Many have attributed this to the small number of Asians compared to other ethnicities and though it may have been true, the numbers have exponentially risen and in 2016, we should have heard some of the politicians speak about it. Bernie Sanders, who has been courting the votes of people of color yet he has not mentioned any issues Asians face that other races may face too.

In addition, certain aspects of policy bills discourage Asian voters to vote. The Affordable Care Act for example, until very recently, did not benefit citizens of Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders, even though they are fully-fledged American citizens. The common stereotype for Asians in terms of class is that they are of middle to high class and that is often not the case. In reality, there are a large number of Asians in the lower class and not including them into certain welfare oriented policy bills is a form of institutional discrimination.

In this collection of articles you will find out that American politics has systematically undermines and discourages Asian’s to participate to the extent where it seems as though Presidential candidates do not even court the Asian vote. This has great sociological significance because ones state policies can make a certain group living in that state very hard and often times policy bills are a reflection of the current society. Although Asians may have been discouraged, they are slowly finding their voice and stance within the political world and finally demands change.

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