Asians in the Educational System


Asians carry a heavy weight on their shoulders when it comes to the educational system due to stigma, stereotypes and culture. The common Asian stereotype is very dedicated to their schoolwork and getting good grades. This stereotype was created because many Asian students (especially first and second generations) are given high expectations that they must meet or else their family will be angry and in Asian culture, the elders are put on a pedestal which means that their word is law and that their decisions are in the best interest of everybody. In addition, many Asian students also feel a societal pressure to do well in academics because that’s what the common American expects.

An Asian student who does not focus on academics and have a social life are often compared heavily to White people to the extent that they call them ‘basically White’. In youth context, if you are outgoing, people will like you more and because Asians do not have this common stereotype of someone who goes out, they are often overlooked. These societal, family and self-pressure has led to many cases of depression and a number of suicides.

Although Asians are the most likely race to do well in academia, they are doing this with a hand tied behind their back. Institutional discrimination has spread its roots onto the educational system. SAT Prep Books from The Princeton Review are expensive on its own but their pricing system is based on ZIP codes which means that some areas pay more than others. The most expensive area is in Flushing, Queens where the Asian population is around 70% however, the median household income is a mere $41,884. An income that is not anywhere near sufficient to be able to casually afford the books. In the mind of an Asian parent, education is an investment and if you work hard, it will pay back in dividends. Sometimes however, institutional discrimination does not allow Asians to prosper on the pace they can be at.

On a more cultural standpoint, the American educational system do not cater to the interests of Asian’s. In primary and secondary education, classes do not teach anything about Asian history like how they got to America and the hardships they had to go through and the discrimination they faced.

In the following pieces of articles, you will find that Asian students have to break barriers to succeed within the educational system thus demystifying the myth that academia comes natural to them. You will too find how the educational system is created in a way to suppress Asian progress and therefore hinder their full potential.


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