Crime against Asian Americans


In recent times, we have only seen racial discrimination in the form of crime towards African Americans, specifically towards police brutality. Discriminatory acts of violence towards Asians are therefore overlooked. A 62 year old Asian man was murdered as he was fishing off a pier in Chicago and was pushed into Lake Michigan. A 9 year old had to stand in court and talk about his 16 year old brother who was a casualty in a brawl consisting of Asian and White kids. 4 Asian American men were attacked in Douglaston, Queens which is a very Caucasian populated area with a recent stream of Asians coming in.

When we talk about discriminatory crime against Asians, most of the time it happens with the youth and the perpetrators are often, if not always, a person of a different race. This issue stems from the stereotype that Asians are weak (possibly because many of us are not as tall as the other races) and are often push overs. The stereotypical Asian is one with glasses and a tucked in shirt. He or she probably spends all day and night studying thus lacking a social life and deemed ‘uncool’. Many feminists say “I deserve to not be afraid of getting raped while walking the city streets” well, we Asians too would like to not be attacked.

In the following pieces of articles you will find that culturally, America has been and is somewhat not accepting of Asians. It is not an isolated event where a certain race (be it White or Black) is against them but it is a cultural issue that needs to be fixed. In these articles you will also find the gruesome extent to which Asians are not even safe walking around certain areas.

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